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Terms and Conditions

Whilst every effort is made to match glass to existing Leaded Lites when carrying out repairs to old windows or panels,due to the nature of our industry and the rarity of old glass sometimes it is impossible to do. Most of the old types of figured glass is discontinued so we are forced to opt for a nearest match policy. We are always trying to source reclaimed glass whenever possible.

The Nature of our industry has changed very little over the century's ,work is still being carried out in the same fashion as tradition dictates .Whilst The Glass Studio pride themselves in being one of the best Leaded Lite studio in Essex, with over 30 years experience it would not be uncommon to find anomalies in a finished Leaded Lite, all our work is hand crafted using traditional materials and methods. When restoring customers leaded lights, we have various options available to us to undertake a restoration project.
1 Balanced / Strapping. This involves applying lead over a cracks in order to conceal them. This is normally carried in a balanced fashion.
2 Tiffany repair, This involves removing surrounding lead flange and copper foiling new glass and soldering into place, (This is normally carried out to the outside of the panel smooth side out).
3 To fold back flange of lead, replace new glass and re burnish in place. Normally used with wide leads.
4 Any small cracks to a leaded light ( these tend to be in coloured areas ) will be left untouched.
The Glass Studio will carry out any of the above at their discretion.

Encapsulated units
The Lamination of Leaded Lites is a specialist method of protecting existing windows into two skins of glass and should be regarded as a way of preventing any further deterioration of leaded lites. The Glass Studio have been leaders in this field for over 15 years. Whilst we put every effort into supplying a near perfect unit, it is impossible to remove all the oxidisation, scratches and in-bedded grime that collects on a panel,( glass in its-self is a super cooled liquid and is porous). The cleaning process ( distilled water and jewellers rouge ) can highlight scuffs and abrasions on glass this particularly applies too clear leaded lites made from high lead drawn manufactured substance . There is also a possibility that you may find traces of graphite and fine powder inside of an Encapsulated panel, once the panel has settled in this will rest and the bottom of the unit, every effort is made to minimise this.

With regard to the life of an encapsulated unit this is mainly determined by its location, and how much direct sunlight or general weathering it has been exposed too. On that bases we offer a twelve month statuary guaranty.Another considerations are front doors, due to the continuing open and closing of doors in these locations, it is not improbable that a "knock on"effect will be experienced by an encapsulated unit. We do however use only tried and tested methods to construct our units .We have hundreds of encapsulated units that have been installed for many years and are still stable. All components used to manufacture Encapsulated units are to BS standards. We continuously strive to improve and upgrade our manufacturing process where ever possible.However the end product will always be determined by the condition of the leaded lite we are working on.
Note, regarding glass used in the construction of encapsulated windows.
The Glass Studio strive to produce the finest Encapsulated Traditional Led Lite windows and over the years and thru trial an error we have concluded that using thermal coated glass in this format increases the possibility of of unit breakdown and as a result strongly advise that only toughened clear glass be used in the construction of encapsulated windows . This mainly due to the excessive heat generated by thermal glass and as a result causes the lead to sweat and units to breakdown.However we will on instruction use coated glass but will offer no guaranties.

Encapsulated leaded lights are exempt under document L building regulations and that they cannot be regarded as standard double glazed units and should be regarded as leaded lites in a protective casing

The Glass Studio only use time served glazers who know their profession and who take pride in their craftsmanship, again due to the nature of our work we are fitting to old openings which have to be hacked out ( old putty removed) this is done by hand, using a specialist knife, so there will be some disruption to surrounding woodwork which normally is made good when re puttying, however the putty will need touching up ( painted) when putty has formed a skin, ( two weeks), the responsibility of customer.
Whilst every effort is made to de-glaze a window or door panel without damaging beading, due to the nature of our work we are dealing in most cases with beading that has been painted or stained for a number of years. It is virtually impossible to remove without causing some damage to the beading or surrounding frame. It is the responsibility of the client to make good, or request new beading to be installed by one of our fitters.This will attract an additional charge. /p>

The recommendation of Sub contractors
The Glass Studio is happy to recommend joiners or double glazing companies to carry out window fitting work and liaise with them in order to complete a project smoothly. However this is purely on a good faith bases and do not take any responsibility should any disputes arise, relating to works being carried out by the recommended trade.
Whilst every effort is made to provide an accurate quote on first visit ,on occasions it may-well be necessary to call upon the relevant trade particularly in relation to joinery/double glazing work to assist. All joinery/double glazing work is quoted separately by the nominated sub contractor.

Payment terms
Payment to be made once The Glass Studio has processed the job (normally prior to installation work being carried out by a nominated sub contractor in the case of encapsulated windows).No goods will leave The Glass Studios premises until payment has been made in full. On most occasions The Glass Studio do not request a deposit on small projects ,how ever on large ticket projects this will not apply and a 40% deposit will be required.All materials used in any refurbishment/encapsulation /restoration remain the property of The Glass Studio until payment is received in full without exceptions.

Terms and conditions are available on request.The Glass Studio carry out all work at their own discretion.

The Glass Studio reserves the right to change terms and conditions without prior notice or consultation. This document supersedes all others. 2016.